“Performance testing” guidelines for DDBEA backups of Oracle?

Not sure if that’s the best title, but here’s what I’m looking for:

Customer wants to run separate Oracle backup jobs using DDBEA over a period of time, and their key “ask” is that they get “true” results relative to how long it takes to run the backup without any “previous knowledge” of any other backups or backup data that may have run before.

So – what has to be done at the RMAN, Data Domain and possibly DDBEA levels for the customer to be able to run multiple Oracle backup jobs (that is, different DB sizes, using different numbers of channels, and things like that) but NOT see any “skew” due to any other backup job that may have run before?

One other “performance” question – is there any “formula” for determining how many channels to allocate in order to “optimize” an Oracle backup job? In my case, the customer has seen a backup run using 4 channels which “split” the overall database info into “9 pieces”, and he is wondering whether that means it would run better if he used 9 channels instead?

One other thing – if either of these are “Oracle questions” as opposed to DDBEA question in any way, please comment accordingly so I know that is the case.

All comments/feedback appreciated – thanks.

Cal C.


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