Processed Count is less than the number of items in a PST or mailbox

Article Number: 496727Article Version: 4 Article Type: Break Fix

SourceOne Email Management 7.2

The ‘Processed’ number of items reported in a mailbox or PST activity is less than the number of items in the PST or mailbox

If no errors are reported for the activity and the job did not fail, the ‘Processed’ count will be lower than the number of items in the PST or mailbox if the PST or mailbox contains items that were processed previously by a SourceOne Email Management activity. When an item is processed by a SourceOne archiving activity, the item is stamped with some unique properties used by SourceOne to indicate that the item has been processed previously. If previously processed items are encountered during subsequent activities, these items are silently skipped over. For mailboxes or PSTs where all items have been processed previously, subsequent activities would report zero ‘Processed’ items

This behavior is expected and allows activities to run faster because items can be skipped if SourceOne properties are present, indicating that the item or items were already archived


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