Re: 配置NetWorker VMware Protection完成后发现 vSphere Web Client 上看不到 “EMC 备份和恢复 ” 的用户界面


Connecting to the EMC Backup and Recoveryuserinterface in the vSphere Web Client


1. From a web browser, open the vSphere Web Client: https://IP_address_vCenter_Server:9443/vsphere-client/

2. In the Credentials window, type the vCenter user name and password for the dedicated EMC Backup and Recovery user you created and then click Login.

3. In the vSphere Web Client, select EMC Backup and Recovery.

4. In the Welcome to EMC Backup and Recovery window, select a Backup Appliance from the drop-down. The drop-down lists all the VMware Backup appliances registered in the vCenter.

Each vCenter Server supports up to 10 appliances. The EBR Appliance field, as shown in the following figure, displays the appliance names alphabetically in a drop-down list. In the EMC Backup and Recovery user interface, the name of the active appliance displays on the left pane, and the appliance name in the drop-down list is the first in the list of available appliances.

5. Click Connect.


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