Re: adlib process manager fails to launch adexps.exe


The memory that is monitored by the Adlib FMR service is actually a combination of physical RAM and virtual memory. So if you are getting this error message, it would mean that either the RAM or the virtual memory are low in the system.


Increase your virtual memory by performing the following steps:

1) Right-click My Computer > Properties.

2) Click on the Advanced Tab.

3) Click on the Settings Button under the Performance section.

4) Click on the next Advanced Tab.

5) Under the Virtual Memory Section Click on Change.

6) Under the Paging File size for Selected Drive choose the Custom size.

7) Change your Maximum size.

8) Click on Set.

9) Click OK until you are out of all the screens.

10) Re-process some files: the error should disappear.

If not, go to the following location in the registry:


Double click the AvailMemUsageLimit key and enter 0 as the value data.

By setting AvailMemUsageLimit to 0 in the registry it essentially disables the RAM check.


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