Re: Avamar 7.X

Short answers first..

You can check the “Server utilization” value and compare it with the “Total Capacity”

admin@utilitynode:~/>: mccli server show-prop | grep “util|cap”

Total capacity 7.8 TB

Server utilization 32.5%

Regarding the use of the ‘’ script you can add –top=xx to set the number of highest consuming clients that will be listed at the end of the output

More info here:

  • KB 336542 – How to use script to analyse daily data change on the Avamar system
  • KB 457224 – Avamar User and OS Capacity Management Concepts and Training

A longer answer would be that you can think of an Avamar server license similar to an electrical appliance’s fuse.

An electrical appliance requires a fuse in order to operate. Remove the fuse and it will be useless.

Similarly, Avamar requires a valid license in order to function.

A fuse has a certain ‘resistance’ value associated to it which is matched to the level current that the appliance can safely handle.

Similarly, the Avamar server’s license is specified according to the back-end ‘GSAN’ storage available on the data nodes.

The similarities end here though as the size of the license doesn’t control how Avamar works or provide any safety ‘cut off’ with respect to capacity levels. Those are handled elsewhere. Whether the license is for 1TB or 50TB it doesn’t make a difference.. the mere existence of a valid license allows Avamar to run.

The sales team will provide an appropriately sized license to match the amount of data that can be stored on the Avamar server. The value corresponds to the size of and number of data nodes within the Avamar system. The amount of space required for RAIN overhead on multiple nodes is also part of that licensable value.

This is all supposed to be calculated during the pre-sales phase to ensure that the customer has an appropriately sized Avamar to suit their stated needs (number of and size of clients, the type of data they store, retention policies etc).

I’m not privvy to the sizing procedures or what other factors they take into account but once an Avamar server has been deployed as long as the longest retained client data we would expect it to be reasonably full.. with perhaps some spare capacity to account for unexpected spikes in new data. We regularly see customers accidentally backing up much larger datasets than originally intended so this is a sensible safety measure.

Note: This answer is tailored to a ‘traditional’ Avamar system where all backups are sent to the Avamar GSAN storage. For mixed systems or those where backups are sent only to DataDomain there are additional considerations and capacity measurements involved.


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