Re: Avamar managed file replication failing with error Replication failed: could not open connection to dest DDR

My issue was related to an avamar backup image that was written to DD but was corrupted. So when Avamar instructs DD to replicate that backup image/file, it errors out with that code.

It is difficult to narrow down the exact backup image that is corrupt, but there’s two options here: 1) comb through the logs to find what client’s backups are being replicated at time of faillure, note the name, remove the client from the replication scope, rerun replication, if it fails again, repeat the procedure and keep a running list of clients that fail until the replication job succeeds. Then create a separate replication job that just has the failed servers, and narrow the data range of the replication scope until you find the backup image that is causing the issue. Likely, if there are multiple servers with this issue, the failures will trace back to the same date/time. Once you have the Avamar backup images identified, you can delete it from Avamar. I’m not entirely sure if that removes the image from DD, so if the backup image is sizable, you may want to engage EMC support to dig into the array to remove the file.


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