Re: Change server settings without Captiva Administrator

I found a solution

InputAccel Server stores all Settings that differ from default settings in IADB.

If you want to change server settings, just add or adjust a row to tbl_ServerConfig referencing the server (have a look at tbl_server) and setting name (SCName). Settings only take effect after restart of InputAccel Server, because you only change startup settings.

For example to set BatchMaxAdressSpaceK to 16 GByte (16GB * 1024MB/GB * 1024KB/MB = 16777216KB) for the first InputAccel Server just add the following row:

SCServerId = 1

SCName = “BatchMaxAdressSpaceK”

SCValue = “16777216”


SCRowVersion = 0

If Setting for the server already exists just update including an increment for SCRowVersion.


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