Re: CX300 – how to change storage processor IP/subnet/gateway/name


I tried both SP-A & SP-B but got the same error message…

However, I was able to get it to work …..

Used these steps:

[1] Connected CAT-5 between my laptop and the management Lan port on SP-A

[2] Network connections > Properties > TCP/IP Properties and select “use the following IP and DNS server option.

  • ip address: 10.75.212.A (clariion is using 10.75.212.B)

  • subnet mask: same as the one on the SP

  • default gateway – leave blank

  • dns server entries – leave blank

I changed the properties through SP-A/setup. And now I can ping both the SPs

I am not sure if you have suggested the same solution earlier. If you did, sorry I missed your point 🙂

SO, coming back to my original question..

Now we would like to migrate this array to another subnet..

Question is, can I use the same method again once we disconnect the SP management LAN ports from the current network switch ? AFAIk, the ip remain on the processor. correct ?


Do I need to have a complete access through pptp ?


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