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The transformation into fully virtualized environments comes with unique data protection challenges. To give a few examples, the convenience of deploying virtual machines is enabling VMs to be provisioned at a rapid pace causing VM sprawl with no guarantee that these VMs are being protected, backup windows are not being met and multiple backup applications are deployed which increases complexity.

Let us look at how EMC delivers fast, efficient and flexible data protection for your VMware environments. With Data Protection Suite for VMware you get a solution that spans beyond backup and recovery, including continuous data protection for any point in time recovery, analysis & reporting as well as metadata and full-content index-based search of your file system and NDMP backups. This allows you to meet the recovery objectives of your mission critical applications.. Data Protection Suite for VMware has tight integration into all of VMware’s interfaces including vCenter, vSphere and vRealize Automation. This integration provides simplified self-service data protection and administration through the interfaces you already know. In addition, vAdmins take control of the data protection of their applications using native VMware interfaces. Even though our focus is on VMware and Virtualization, the reality is you are likely managing applications and data in multiple places. This includes hybrid clouds, private clouds, public clouds and applications born in the cloud. Chances are you have both physical and virtual machines deployed within your on-prem or private cloud environments. Ideally you have one data protection solution that covers all consumption models. Deploying a unique data protection solution for each consumption model increases silos and increases the risk of data loss which is something we all want to try and avoid. Disparate solutions also inhibit application consistent recovery.

In addition, Data Protection Suite for VMware is unique in the market in that no other vendor provides the depth and breadth of data protection it offers. Whatever your data protection needs, Data Protection Suite for VMware has you covered.

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