Re: DMZ connect to a node not to the SC

Hi smeura,

There are some applications that don’t work well with with SmartConnect because of the IP change. I don’t have enough information about your environment to give you advice here, but you could open up a ticket with Isilon for a deeper dive.

There is some information here regarding SmartConnect and DMZ but I can’t say whether or not it is applicable to your situation.

SmartConnect usage in isolated network environments

SmartConnect is, effectively, a limited implementation of a custom DNS server: it answers only for the SmartConnect zone names or aliases configured on it. To use SmartConnect in an isolated network environment where no DNS infrastructure is available (such as a DMZ), configure your client systems to use the SmartConnect service IP address as the primary DNS server. Configuring your client systems this way helps to ensure that:

• Requests to connect to Isilon clusters with SmartConnect zone names will succeed.

• The isolated network benefits from SmartConnect features, such as load-balancing and rerouting traffic to prevent unavailable nodes, will work as expected in a normal, non-isolated deployment.


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