Re: Does ViPR controller support the last version of VMware Site Recovery Manager 8.1


Sorry it took so long to answer your question, but this DECN page is for Vipr Controller, and while you might think that Vipr SRA and Vipr SRM would be supported by the same teams, they are actually supported by different teams!

Vipr SRA is supported by the EHC team, so I reached out to them and got the following info.

This is the short answer to your question:

  1. VMware vSphere supports SRM 8.1, but EHC does not.
  2. Vipr SRA is only used in EHC environments…
  3. So Vipr SRA is not currently supported with VMWare SRM 8.1…but an RPQ can be submitted for both EHC and Vipr SRA

This is the full info I got from the EHC team:

Please take a look at the EHC ESSM here:

The latest supported SRM version is 6.5.1 build 6014840, though vSphere supports it EHC does not, also if 6.5.1 is to be used then the following is also true:

Dell EMC ViPR SRA Vulnerability fixes / component support (requires RP 5.0 & ViPR 3.6.2.x). IMPORTANT see note a/b) below

Footnotes: a) For SRM DR – Recoverpoint 5.0 support requires ViPR 3.6.2 and the updated SRA to use with vSphere 6.0/SRM 6.1.2 please file an RPQ to evaluate support criteria. If not using SRM DR ViPR 3.6.2 can be used with any other configuration or EHC update release.

Footnotes: b) All components are supported under either vSphere 6.5 or vSphere 6.0 with the exception of SRM DR (Site Recovery Manager based Disaster Recovery) – the EHC Update 3/Update 4 modules are not compatible with vSphere 6.0 & SRM 6.1.2 due to API changes made to support vSphere 6.5/SRM 6.5.1 – if you wish to use EHC Update 3/Update 4 code you MUST UPGRADE to vSphere 6.5/SRM 6.5.1 (See revision 6 above).

Please take a look at the ESSM, this is the official support document for EHC if anything falls outside of this then an approved RPQ will be required for support, please also remember that the ViPr SRA version needs to also be within supported scope as well.. VMware vSphere supports SRM 8.1, EHC does not.. hope this helps.. The ESSM is a customer consumable document and provided for this purpose. I have also attached a copy to this email string as well.

I hope this helps answer your question!

Jay F


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