Re: EMC ItemPoint for Exchange 2016

So it appears that the only option now for Exchange 2016 GLR is ItemPoint.

I plan on setting up a “Restore Only” Exchange server, just like I have for 2010.

The topic I present is this, since the Avamar GLR requires The Exchange Mailbox Role to be installed on the server you use for restores, and ItemPoint (Kroll Ontrack) requires Outlook (32bit, this is NOT specified in the documentation) to work. How are you supposed to setup a Mailbox only server when Exchange 2016 Mailbox Role INCLUDED the Client Access role as well.

Just to put this into perspective, I have already set this up and test it, it all works, but now that server is allowing clients to connect to its cas role and I would rather exclude it entirely. I have not found a good way to do that, except to put it into its own AD site, witch is not impossible, but not exactly ideal.

I realize that 7.3 with this functionality JUST came out, but does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on this?

Before anyone suggests using one of the production exchange servers to restore, I am not willing to put Outlook on a production exchange server, so that’s out (Also last I heard this was expressly forbidden by Microsoft).


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