Re: EMC Networker 9.1 xProxy – Networker Backup Task frozen in vSphere vCenter

Hello everybody.

In our daily VMware backup job with xPoxy, the backup task in VMware vCenter will stay at 0% on some days. The backup job in the Networker continues as idle. Only if I cancel after x-hours the VMware tasks in the vCenter, the Networker backup job finish as fails. The problem does not occur daily and also not always with the same virtual machines.

Has Someone a similar problem?

EMC Netwotrker Build 140

6x VMware Proxys Release 2.0.2-11_1 (Build date 2017-03-30)

EMC DataDomain 2500 – DDOS – 552828

VMware vCenter 6.0.0 – 5318203

VMware ESXi 6.0.0 – 5572656

Configuration of VMware Proxys:

Maximum hotadd sessions: 10

Maximum NBD session: 5


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