Re: Error 10021 while synchronising Centera to ECS via ECS-SYNC

Hello community,

We are about to copy the data out of our Centera to a brand new ECS via ECS-SYNC Appliance. Everything works fine, except for some 80 Object who are giving me an error:

08RJA95D59DPJe460EH0TSL1CSKG41C80B7R6P0S5V8MT7F6EBC6O,””,”false”,”0″,”2018/06/14 03:46:47 CDT”,”0″,”[ 08RJA95D59DPJe460EH0TSL1CSKG41C80B7R6P0S5V8MT7F6EBC6O]

In the CAS-SDK.log of the ECS-SYNc (with log level set to 3), I get

1535992325694 2018-09-03 16:32:05.694 [error] 6339.635303680 [API] End FPClip_Open(-,71TAA3CLAOQPIe4774RHENAF21TG41CFCN0U7I0Q2C3414DJ0A50N,2): Error -10021

What about this error? Could someone give me an explanation of what these errors are meaning?

Are they related to open object, that we cannot synchronize?

Thanks a lot in advance.



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