Re: FTP issue with CLI

Need some help on troubleshooting an FTP issue –

My FTP destination is a CIFS on the Unified with IP address. My source is on IP address (windows 2003 R2).

From my source, I am able to FTP to this CIFS using GUI (Internet Explorer – Passive mode).

But I am unable to do FTP using GUI-Active Mode, CLI-Passive Mode or CLI-Active mode.

The problem is that, I am able to login to FTP using all these modes. I am able to do control commands like pwd, cd etc..

But any command that involves data like ls, put, get etc wont work on CLI…. Everything works perfectly fine on GUI Passive mode.

Firewall is any-2-any bi-dir open.

Even I am able to access the CIFS server files using \servernamesharename from the source machine.

Have any of you come across this issue before?



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