Re: Granular NDMP backup

We have a Unity 300 file system that contains a folder where our marketing department is dumping large number of uncompressed images. How can we exclude this folder from the NDMP backup? So far we were only able to backup the complete file system, with no option to select folders. We are using BackupExec for backup.

If it is not possible to select folders for backup, is there a way to replace the marketing department’s folder with a link to the separate file system, that we would exclude from backup, but would appear the same to the users (we really want to avoid changing the file structure)? Something like ln in Linux/UNIX? Hopefully NDMP wouldn’t follow file system links, hence we would exclude the images from backup without changing the file structure.

I was also thinking about nesting two file systems (mount FS2 in FS1/Marketing), but I fear that NDMP will then backup both file systems.

Any suggestions?


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