Re: Need multiple “Does Not Contain” (-) keyword terms in a single search

I previously posted this in the wrong forum (I will delete my first post).

I have been stumped for a few weeks on this – how to specify more than one keyword to EXCLUDE in a search.

For example, if I want to return emails with the terms ONE or TWO or THREE but only if they don’t include FOUR or FIVE, what would my syntax be?

I have tried:

Keyword: One Two Three (I assume that this is okay) then I add another Keyword field:

Keyword: -Four -Five

Keyword: -Four Five

Keyword: -“Four” -“Five”

Keyword: -(Four Five)

So far, nothing seems to work. I keep seeing emails with FOUR and/or FIVE. I don’t think splitting up terms FOUR and FIVE into separate keyword fields would work since that would create and “AND” criteria.

ALSO – are there any documents that show sample “Complex” searches? The online SourceOne Discovery Manager manual is somewhat straight-forward and simple in their examples.

Thanks in advance for ANY advice.


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