Re: NFS export from ECS via load balancer

We have an ECS and it is placed behind a load balancer. S3 protocol works flawlessly via the load balancer. i.e. we use only the load balancer IP address to make REST calls. The problem is with NFS exports that we have configured in ECS. Earlier we were just using one of ECS 4 node IP address to mount the shares on Linux host. After installing Load Balancer, I edited entries in /etc/fstab and changed ECS node IP to Load Balancer IP address. When I tried to mount it didn’t work and the following error occurred,

clnt_create: RPC: Port mapper failure – Unable to receive: errno 111 (Connection refused)

Went back to IT and they changed something, probably added the ports in the firewall. Now I get a different error when trying to mount an NFS export,

mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting

What can be done to resolve this error? Should I make some changes user group mapping on ECS? Could it be due to the fact that the users in User/Group mapping on ECS is not present in the load balancer?

Any help is much appreciated.


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