Re: Obtaining the DDBoostFS rpm

I don’t really understand your question.

So I’ll answer why I’m interested in BoostFS software.

BoostFS is a new client side optional component that allows the DDBoost storage unit to be mounted (similar to NFS mounts) and then you can use Linux commands to interact with the DDBoost Storage unit. Commands like ls, cp, rm will work. Without BoostFS, the only option I have for managing the files stored in DDBoost storage unit is via the API – which is clunky at best.

BoostFS implements a user space file system using the common FUSE Linux framework. There are many FUSE file systems. The chief benefit of FUSE is that it does not require changes to the Linux kernel. FUSE file systems are implemented in user-space so it’s more secure and easier to implement.

Hope that helps.


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