Re: Question with how to set scheduled reports to run every other week.

Hi sooksun_cci,

I gave it a try, unfortunately it ended up with an invalid format error.

However a possible work around could be to create the scheduled report in the UI with the storage / email settings you need and save it as disabled. You can then trigger the scheduled report trough command line with the (APG/bin) command.

You can use ./ list to get the details of the task and run it with ./ start <.taskID>.task


./ list

Scheduled Tasks List:

Id Name Category Last Result Current Status Schedule

—————————————————————————— ———————————————- —————— ———— ————— ——————

scheduled-reports/user1/2017-05-31_13-59-53_320.task Summary report-scheduling success disabled 0 0 * * *

./ start scheduled-reports/user1/2017-05-31_13-59-53_320.task





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