Re: Re: Isilon First packet isn’t SYN – Smartconnect issue?

Hi PJurisprudencia,

This is from the Best Practices Guide for Isilon External Network Connectivity regarding NIC affinity:

NIC affinity is a sysctl that can be configured in OneFS. The NIC affinity setting applies only when there are multiple NICs on the same node connected to the same subnet. The NIC affinity setting is enabled automatically when there are multiple NICs on the same subnet to enable response packets to go out using the same NIC that they arrived on, based on the source IP address of the response packet. The interface that is currently configured with that IP address is the interface that the packet will be sent on.

So if you are using LACP chances are that it doesn’t apply unless your management network is not a separate subnet or you have a third NIC (For example, if your node has two 1GB interfaces and four 10GB interfaces).


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