Re: SNMP V3 configuration – setting Engine ID


I hope someone can help me out as I can not find any documentation on this.

I am trying to setup SNMP v3 traps from my Unity 300f and the trap receiver is rejecting it because it doesn’t have the correct engine id for the NNMi we are using. I see that the Unity has its own Engine Id but can the servers Engine Id be configured somewhere?

Example – output from server for sending a test SNMP trap:

nnm.log.2:2017-07-18 14:36:40.706 WARNING [com.hp.ov.nms.trapd.NMTrapData] Trap_source_address_/10.XX.YY.121_is_not_hosted_on_a_node_that_is_managed_by_NNM

nnm.log.2:2017-07-18 14:36:40.707 WARNING [com.hp.ov.nms.trapd.NMTrapData] Failed to parse trap from /10.XX.YY.121: Unknown engineId 80 00 04 73 05 08 00 1B FF DF 79 for address 10.XX.YY.121

nnm.log.2:Failed to get engine parameters for trap from 10.XX.YY.121

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