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Hi All,

Any advice on tuning FCIP on MDS9513 (4.2.3) 18/4 modules is greatly appreciated!

We have 4x1Gb FCIP connections, and currently we are only getting a maximum of 200MB/s throughput in total – about 1/2 what i would hope to achieve.

This is our config (A only)

We have an MDS9513, with an 1×18/4 module and 2xGbE connections, connecting to a 2nd MDS9513 (Same h/w config) at a remote site.

The GbE connections traverse a 10Gb Network connection between our Primary and Secondary sites. Our FCIP bandwidth is shared with other services – but the 10Gb Network utilisation is always less then 30%..

Currently we are only achieving a max 50MB/s on each FCIP port.

The round trip time is 6ms,

Jumbo frames enabled on the network,

MTU set to 2300

Max Bandwidth = 1000

Min Bandwidth = 1000 (is this good practice or should I be using 90% of the Max perhaps?)

Compession not currently enabled

Send buffer size is 0kb

Burst size is 50Kb.

Tape Accelerate and Fast write are not enabled.

The purpose of this connectivity is to use Open Replicator to pull data from a Clariion to a DMX4. Therefore as far as I’m aware – Fast write and Tape acceleration won’t help us in this scenario? (For info – we are copying multiple luns, from multiple controllers – and so the bottleneck is not the source or target storage ports).

Other changes Im considering are to increase the send buffer size to 16384.

Could anyone suggest how to further troubleshoot or tune this environment please?

Many thanks



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