Re: Unisphere linux host agent not registering with VNX 5100 disk array after IP change

Hello Glen,

Unfortunately this is not working for me.

Situation is as following now:

1) Unisphere hostagent is up and running

root@ithrk5brsr1 # ps -ef | grep Unisphere | grep -v grep

root 18655 1 0 04:10 ? 00:00:00 /opt/Unisphere/bin/hostagent -f /etc/nsradv/agent.config

2) It’s binding to the correct interface with

egrep 250 /etc/hosts tec-live-br1-ithrk5brsr1 #generated for local OAM lan to make UB/his OAM agents happy

root@ithrk5brsr1 # cat /agentID.txt


VNX 5200 array SPs IPs are in the same network (,

Whatever I am doing (restart etc) , host agent is not registering into the storage.

Is it possible somehow to debug the registration process on the hostagent and EMC side?





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