Re: VPLEX for Data Migration purpose only

We have successfully migrated more than 5000+ hosts from 3par, xp 24k etc to vmax 200k, vmax 40k and vnx in last 1 year using vplex extent level mobility jobs. All down time we require is once, just to reboot the server. Nothing much to worry about, migration process is clean with less down time.

Let me see if I could prepare a doc out of it.

High level process I would assume, existing array is zoned with vplex ports. below is what you have to do in arrays.

1. Present existing Luns to vplex > encapsulate them > Create extents>devices and VVs on top. ( Don’t add it to the group)

2. Present New Luns to vplex,> Encapsulate>Create Extents. Don’t create devices and VVs for new Luns.

3. Create new zones for hosts to vplex. (Don’t activate new zones, just keep them ready.)

4. Discover initiators on vplex and ensure host is logged in.

5. Ensure multi-pathing tools and the add-ons are configured properly. (Don’t worry unless you use windows MPIO)

Migration steps

6. Bring down host.

7. Disable Original Zone, ( Source array to Host) and activate new zones to vplex

8. On vplex, add VVs to storage view, add initiators and select desired port groups to make LUns visible.

9. Power on host, Original LUNs from Source array is still the ones host would see, but its via vplex. Since there is no change in disk signature, Host should come up with disks with out any issues.

10. Apps and other services can be started. Have any of the wintel/app team member check services and disk status.

11. Once all confirmed, you may kick off a extent mobility job to the new targets in vplex. Please note, Mobility job is transparent to the host. We don’t have to bring down host again.


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