Re: VxRail issue


I guess you’re having a machine



So, I’d expect network configuration like this:


So, VMNIC0 maps to port #0 etc..

vSphere goes into port #3 & #4 (passive/active).

Would not go with trunking or messing with free hand network uplink modifications , because this may caue trouble later on (f.e. with upgrades or system expansion).

“Do not enable Link Aggregation on VxRail Switch Ports Do not use link aggregation, including protocols such as LACP and EtherChannel, on any ports directly connected to VxRail nodes. VxRail Appliances use the vSphere active/standby configuration (NIC teaming) for network redundancy. However, LACP could be enabled on non-system ports, such as additional NIC ports or 1G ports, for user traffic. VxRail uses vSphere Network I/O Control (NIOC) to allocate and control network resources for the four predefined network traffic types required for operation: Management, vSphere vMotion, vSAN and Virtual Machine. The respective NIOC settings for the predefined network traffic types are listed in the tables below for the various VxRail Models. 4”

hope this will help a bit



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