Re: WebUI login issues for Admin user

We have been working on setting up our primary Isilon cluster (12 NL400 nodes with OneFS and have been having no issues until just recently. We prefer to use our active directory logins to perform administrative tasks in the WebUI but we realize this isnt working yet, so we have been using the admin user with its default password since we installed./configured the cluster. All of a sudden, beginning this past Wednesday evening we have been getting ‘insufficient privilege’ errors when logging in as admin in the WebUI, We receive an error message like the following when landing on the dashboard page:


No privileges for this functionality

Your account does not include privileges for this specific OneFS functionality. Contact your systems administrator to request access.

and the URL changes to Interestingly enough there are a couple of the pages we can get into without error, but most we cannot. Has anyone ever seen this for the admin user? I checked the user using ‘isi auth user view admin’ and the role using ‘isi auth roles list -v –table-format’ and compared those responses to our other cluster and they look the same. Does anyone have any other ideas or fixes??

Thanks in advance.


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