Re: what do you recommend when migrating NetApp to isilon, is there a best tool and best practice to achieve this?

Ok, so shameless plug here, but it’s certainly the appropriate place to do it. I work for Datadobi, and our software DobiMigrate was purpose built for this. It’s API integrated with NTAP 7M, CDOT, Isilon and others. It’ll detect all of your vfilers and SVMs, detect the qtree security styles, NFS Exports, SMB Shares. It’ll copy all of the data, shares, and exports over to Isilon. With Isilon it is SmartConnect Zone aware, and as a result each of the proxies that copy data over can talk to up to 5 Isilon nodes at the same time. As a result it’s crazy-fast and scales-out.

You can read more here:

Accelerating your Journey to the data lake with DobiMiner from Datadobi

Or from our site here:

Anyway certainly reach out if you’d like to see a demo, or get some more information. Or ask your DellEMC account team. Also FWIW with reference to the suggestion of isi_vol_copy “might” work for your 7M systems, but it does not support CDOT. It’s an NDMP-based dump, so there are a lot of other issues that come with that decision.

I’ll of course leave it to others to comment on their experiences with the same type of migration.

~Chris Klosterman

Principal SE, Datadobi.


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