Solve the Windows 10 Mail App Error 0x85050041

Well Apart from Outlook, most of the users have an account on the Windows 10 mail app. While using the email application users have reported the error 0x85050041. Even if the user is not using the mail, the error still appears when generally using the computer. This disturbs the workflow. So here is the method to resolve Windows 10 Mail App 0x85050041 error code.

Cause of Windows 10 Error Code

When the mail application is not synchronized with email server it gives error message 0x85050041. To fix follow the given steps

Go to Start and then select settings

Go to Apps and then Apps & Features

Select Windows Mail App and then Advanced Option

Under Advanced option, window click on the Repair button

The Window Mail error will be removed

In this way the 0x85050041 error code will be fixed.


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