Switching to GLR Exchange backups with Networker

Networker, windows 2012r2

Exchange 2010


So, it seems that our Barracuda email archiver has bitten the dust, and the company does not plan to repair, replace, or upgrade it. So, I need another way to restore individual email files/folders, etc. We run a dag configuration between two primary servers, each with passive copy at another datacenter. We have about 7tb of total exchange data, and a full backup takes typically 7 to 9 hours, which we are good with.

I have been reading up on this, and have a couple questions.

1) Does changing from our usual database backup to a GLR backup method, add significant time to the duration of the backup?

2) Will i be able to perform granular restores for data backed up PRIOR to when I begin using GLR backups, or will i only be able to recover email granularly from the time that i start using GLR backups?

Looks like changing to the GLR method will require a reboot of the exchange servers, hence, a production outage. For those of you using this, are there any other little real-world “gotchas” that you would not mind sharing?

Thank you!



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