vCenter Appliance and EMC Networker in VADP Proxy

Dear All,

Hope you can help with the challenge I’m facing here.

My customer is running vCenter 5.1 and ESXi 5.1.

He has Networker with VADP Proxy.

We are tasked to upgrade vCenter and ESXi hosts.

But we have chosen to build a new vCenter based on 6.0 U2. This vCenter will have a different hostname and IP Address.

We are proposing vCenter Virtual Appliance as VMware is encouraging to go for Virtual Appliance

Since VADP Proxy is registered with existing vCenter, I would like to know

1. what changes needs to be made on VADP for it to know vCenter version and name is changed?

2. What changes need to be made on EMC Networker?

3. Do we have to install Networker on vCenter Appliance?

4. Do we have to Configure a VADP proxy host and Hypervisor resource Automatically/Manually?

5. can we backup vCenter Appliance using VADP?

Appreciate if someone could support


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