Vipr SRM – Status or Replication report

I am working on a report that monitors data received or transmitted on an array that is a target of replication. ie. MB/s received by the target array for a Replicated device. I have set thresholds to indicate status.. green is data is being transmitted, so any value greater than zero, and red data was not transferred, so value = 0. My problem is, when a device is deleted and there is no numeric value, so it would be a NULL until that device is considered a non active metric in SRM. In my report that type of condition is represented by the last known value and never changes. My report polling is Last Day, 1 Hr, Last.

I want to be able to show that in my report by using a threshold so it is investigated. I am using the Status report type. Does anyone know of a way to set a threshold to NULL

Or has anyone created a report that they use to show replication status, VMAX, Recoverpoint, Netapp…




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