VNX: NFS issue due to DNS resolution

Article Number: 483305 Article Version: 3 Article Type: Break Fix

VNX1 Series,VNX2 Series

Loss of access to NFS export when a host is added or removed to the host access list for that export.

All hosts were using either RedHat of CentOS.

When there is a huge list of hosts in the access list for an export, and those hosts are entered using Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) instead of the IP address, it is possible that some DNS resolution timeouts appear, causing loss of access to the export to all the hosts in the list.

This loss of access can has being reported to last between 5-10 minutes in a export list with 167 hosts where there were 3 hosts that had no DNS resolution.

The issue started when customer deleted from DNS configuration some hosts that were retired.

It will be recommended to use a test Filesystem prior to apply this solution to production Filesystem

Check DNS resolution for each host in the export list. This can be achieved using “server_ping” command or more practical using “ping” from the Control Station if the Data Movers and Control Station have the same DNS server configured.

Remove from the export access list the hosts that failed to resolve DNS. Check adding or removing a host to the list, whether the access is lost.


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