How HPE & Arista Are Leading the Data Center of the Future

HPE and Arista bring you a shared vision around deliverying secure Hybrid IT solutions built on industry-leading software-defined infrastructure.

Provisioning network and security services often takes weeks or even months, thanks to legacy data center networks characterized by complex, hardware-defined and static physical (CLI based) configurations and multiple silos of management.

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Now, modern data centers are being transformed with more efficient architectures and technologies, including compute, storage, and networking coming together as Hybrid IT. That’s why your organization requires network architectures that are open and programmable—and that are completely aligned and integrated into data center technology stacks, including compute, storage and cloud.

In partnership with Arista Networks, HPE offers a software-defined, cloud-first network architecture designed to help you address transformation challenges.

HPE and Arista share a common vision for data center networking around the need to deliver secure Hybrid IT solutions and experiences built on industry-leading software-defined infrastructure to help you operate workloads with speed and agility to grow your business.

The HPE and Arista partnership provides you with best of breed networking solutions that are superior to legacy networking solutions and that are complementary to HPE compute, storage, virtualization and cloud offerings.

Arista provides a networking foundation in the data center

The HPE Stack for Hybrid IT is open at every layer, is highly programmable and automated and allows customer choice to use best of breed to components. Arista provides a best-in-class software-defined networking layer that enables automated provisioning and programmability through virtualized network service delivery.

You can choose to modernize and scale these elements independently or consume them as converged offerings Either way, you can take advantage of new compute innovations, storage data services and software-defined networking fabrics are a critical part of a Hybrid IT foundation.

Arista’s best-of-breed technology was recently validated by its “Leaders” position in Gartner’s 2017 Magic Quadrant for Data Center Networking, validating the continued market acceptance of Arista EOS®, cloud management, telemetry, containerized EOS (cEOS)™ and how Arista is leading the way you can build cloud-scale networks.

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Arista products are being integrated into our HPE data center infrastructure. Our joint focus is on addressing our customers most pressing data center and cloud networking use cases, including highly virtualized data centers, IP storage, high-performance computing, and data center security, to name a few.

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With HPE and Arista, we bring you the world’s best-selling computer partnered with the industry’s faster growing data center networking vendor. The HPE and Arista portfolios brings architectural advantages and unprecedented scalability around our common vision: to deliver secure Hybrid IT built on industry-leading software-defined infrastructure to help you operate workloads with speed and agility to grow your business.

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