HPE Distributed Cloud Networking: Policy-Based Automation for Cloud Networks

In this blog, let’s look at how HPE Distributed Cloud Networking (DCN) is able to enable cloud-ready data center networks.

Distributed Cloud Network .jpegOur customers have often approached me seeking a solution to a traditional network which takes days or weeks to change to respond to the business. I hear your concerns about these kinds of issue:

  • I need to implement a network policy to block port 23.
  • I also need to redirect traffic from a specific IP subnet to a firewall.
  • I need to provide network connectivity between my Virtual Machines, Docker Containers and Bare Metal Servers.
  • I need to implement micro-segmentation for Virtual Machines and Docker Containers on the same subnet.
  • Can the network team set a QoS traffic class for applications that use port number 8080?
  • I need these network policies to follow the Virtual Machine if it migrates to a different host.

The solution? HPE Distributed Cloud Networking (DCN)

DCN is an overlay network virtualization solution that does not require you to rip and replace your existing network infrastructure. HPE DCN allows you to implement your network policies in minutes—instead of days or weeks. In addition, the HPE DCN solution also includes HPE Virtualized Security Services (VSS) functionality to:

• Prevent malicious traffic on the network through segmentation and policy enforcement
• Detect malicious traffic on the network through visibility and security monitoring
• Respond to malicious traffic by implementing dynamic security automation and locking down the source of malicious trafficData centers NOT cloud ready.jpg

Still in doubt? Interested to see HPE DCN in action?

Check out HPE DCN demos posted on the HPE YouTube channel:
HPE Data Center Networking playlist

How about a customer case study which uses HPE DCN?
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