HPE FlexFabric 12916E Sets New World Records for Data Center Performance

With this largest-ever test of 100G Ethernet networking, the HPE FlexFabric 12916E sets a new high-water mark for data-center core networking. In an extensive set of stressful benchmark tests, the FlexFabric 12916E pumped traffic through 768 100G Ethernet interfaces and set several records along the way:

  • The highest throughput ever recorded from a single switch chassis (76.8 terabits per second)
  • Throughput of more than 100 million frames per second per port on each of 768 100G Ethernet ports
  • Support for nearly 1 million unique routes learned via BGP
  • Identical throughput when routing to 768 routes and nearly 1 million routes
  • The highest EVPN scalability ever recorded with a single chassis (768 concurrent VXLAN tunnels)
  • ISSU failover times measured in tens of microseconds

HPE FF 12916E.png

As these test results demonstrate, the HPE FlexFabric 12916E is a highly capable performer even under the most demanding conditions. Such high performance on such an unprecedented scale offers a measure of “future proofing” for tomorrow’s data center networks.

Data centers will continue to grow ever larger; as these test results demonstrate, the HPE FlexFabric 12916E is
well positioned to serve as the engine of that growth..


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