Is Your Network Holding You Back?

More specifically, the question is: Are outdated legacy data center networking operating models holding you back from delivering new application and services to move your business forward?

network traffic congestion_blog.jpgOne prime area ripe for improvement is the simplification and automation of server-side network connectivity. It’s common knowledge that compute, virtual machine (VM) and application provisioning times are measured in mere minutes, while data center networking is still a highly complex and manual endeavor with provisioning times often measured in days or weeks.

“The future belongs to the fast” – Meg Whitman, HPE

Do you agree with this quote? Most customers do. But the reality is, today’s legacy networks and operating models are holding customers back from moving at the speed of cloud.

Legacy data center networks are characterized by complex, hardware-defined and static CLI-based configurations—not to mention multiple silos of management. It often takes weeks or even months to provision network and security services.

Data Center Infrastructure Provisioning Reality.jpg

Your organization requires a new breed of tools that eliminate the human middleware that has created operational friction in delivering multi-rack server side network connectivity, cabling and the associated network provisioning across top-of-rack L2/3 switches.

A new solution is on the way!

At HPE Discover 2017 in Madrid, Spain, we’ll be announcing a new solution that helps server administrators rapidly provision server and network connectivity and automation across hundreds of servers and dozens of racks—reducing provision times from days to minutes. Stay tuned for more details on how HPE can help set set you free to:

  • Tame your network
  • Simplify server rack deployment
  • Reduce operating costs

If you are joining us at Discover, be sure and register for this session:

Session ID 14400: Tame your network: simplify server rack deployment and reduce operating costs


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