Keep Your Customers and Employees Happy with a Wi-Fi Network That Just Works

OfficeConnect Wi-Fi makes it simple for small businesses to offer fast, reliable connectivity to employees and guests.

HPE OC20_blog.jpgBeing a small business doesn’t mean that you need to make sacrifices—and that includes your network. The consumer-grade wireless router and switch you bought at the office supply store were fine when you started out, but as your business grows and your staff rely on more mobile devices and applications, the demands can quickly overwhelm your network and degrade the end user experience.

We all know how frustrating it is when wireless connectivity fails or you are waiting for a spinning wheel to access an application. To support your business-critical voice, video and cloud-based applications, you need fast, ultra-reliable Wi-Fi and wired connectivity that’s simple to set up and simply works. That’s what HPE OfficeConnect OC20 delivers.

Ready-to-go Wi-Fi for non-technical users

As a small business, you face big challenges every day, but Wi-Fi shouldn’t be one of them. HPE OfficeConnect OC20 access points (APs) provide your employees and guests with super-fast and reliable Wi-Fi.

With an intuitive mobile app, you can easily set up and monitor your network in minutes—all from your smartphone. The companion Android or iOS mobile app does all the heavy lifting for you. It automatically discovers the new OfficeConnect AP—all you need to do is create a network name and password, and your network is ready to go. When you’re ready to expand, new APs will automatically join the existing network, with no setup required.

With OC20, you no longer have to worry about complex Wi-Fi settings or managing your Wi-Fi network. The APs intelligently optimize your Wi-Fi coverage and performance to keep your employees connected and your applications running at top speed. And with the OfficeConnect mobile app, you can quickly monitor your network at a glance, including wireless performance, how many devices are on and who’s connected to the Wi-Fi network.

Build your clientele while keeping your network secure

Offering guest Wi-Fi can help you build your client base. Today’s customers expect to stay connected while they wait and will quickly find their way to businesses that offer free Wi-Fi. With the OC20 APs, you can offer your customers secure access to your Wi-Fi network. OC20 keeps your guest network separate from your employee network, thereby preventing guests from accessing your corporate data.OC20_2J.jpgOC20_1J.jpg

You can even build your brand by customizing your guest log-in page with your logo or create a guest access schedule that limits access to specific days and times. For example, you can provide Wi-Fi access only during business hours from 8am to 5pm.

The OfficeConnect OC20 APs are specifically designed to keep your network secure and protected. With our customizable website filtering, you can set access guidelines for employees and guests to further protect your network from online threats. For example, you can block access to malicious websites or objectionable content, all with the touch of a button.

Smart managed switches to power your Wi-Fi network

OfficeConnect1920S J.jpgOur smart managed switches like the OfficeConnect 1920S come with many advanced features that can secure and optimize your network. They’re simple to configure and easy to manage through a web-based browser, even if you don’t have a network admin on staff. These switches not only improve the availability of business-critical applications, they also protect sensitive information by tightly enforcing network access controls, while optimizing network bandwidth for increased productivity and efficiency. With Power over Ethernet (PoE+), you also can power your wireless access points, security cameras, IP phones and a host of other IP devices without the cost of additional cabling and with the OfficeConnect mobile app. You can even monitor your 1920S switches as well as your wireless network.

HPE OfficeConnect solutions make managing technology easy and simple. So you can focus on what matters to you—growing your business.

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