Small Business Deserves Enterprise Wi-Fi. That’s Easy with HPE OfficeConnect

Don’t make unnecessary sacrifices. With HPE OfficeConnect, small businesses can set up business-grade Wi-Fi in minutes.

Blog_enterprise-wifi-for-small-business.jpgEntrepreneurship is on the rise around the world and the number of small businesses is ticking upward. Australia has two million small businesses—and employs about 60% of the workforce.

Here in Australia, we like to think that our small business boom is driven by our independent streak, but it’s also fueled by technology. In some cases, technology innovation is creating entirely new businesses that are digital from the start.

Many businesses in traditional sectors like retail, healthcare, professional services, construction and agriculture have moved to the cloud. Many rely on Microsoft Office 365 or Google G suite for office tools, Xero and MYOB for accounting, or Square and PayPal for payments. They make the most of collaboration tools and video. But none of it works without great connectivity.

You deserve business-grade connectivity

Many small business owners don’t pay much attention to their IT infrastructure. They’re busy following their passion, delighting customers and growing. When it comes to Wi-Fi and other networking gear, many small businesses take the path of least resistance and buy from their local electronics store or website.

Sure, it’s easy, but using consumer-grade IT equipment can hamper your business growth. Fortunately, a quality network doesn’t have to be expensive anymore. And a quality network is necessary for access to the applications and cloud services that keep employees productive and your business operating smoothly.

In fact, many small businesses have cut the cord on wired network, preferring all-wireless. Your employees have the freedom to move around, and there are no unsightly wires snaking around your office or shop. Plus, an all-wireless network saves money and time because you don’t have to run cabling, buy more switches, and then keep paying power them.

Easy, fast and ultra-reliable Wi-Fi

HPE OfficeConnect solutions are designed to let you share resources and collaborate without the complexity of setting up an enterprise-grade network—or making unnecessary sacrifices with consumer-grade gear. OfficeConnect products are simple to manage, affordable, and highly reliable.OC20_WiFi_small business.png

With the Office Connect mobile app, your Wi-Fi can be up and running in a couple minutes, including guest access and security.

With HPE OfficeConnect, your business can have fast, ultra-reliable Wi-Fi. HPE Office Connect OC20 access points are ready for the onslaught of mobile and cloud apps. With great Wi-Fi, workers can make phone calls and video calls from their mobile devices. Their applications work great, because wireless coverage and performance are optimized in the background.

You can engage with your customers by offering guest Wi-Fi. It’s easy to create a login page that’s branded for your business. And you stay in control over when guests can use your Wi-Fi. You can be confident that your business traffic and guest traffic stay separate and secure. You can even protect your business from nasty online threats and prevent access to objectionable content.

Set up in minutes

You don’t need to be a networking black belt to set and manage OC20 access points. You just need to know how to use a simple mobile app. You will be up and running in minutes using the OfficeConnect app on your iOS or Android phone. And you (or your trusted IT solutions provider) can monitor your network from the app, no matter where you (or they) are.

The OfficeConnect solution also includes smart managed switches to power your wireless network. The HPE OfficeConnect 1920S comes with many advanced features, but again, it’s easy for a nontechnical person to configure and manage. And support for the latest Power over Ethernet (PoE), you can plug in your wireless access points, security cameras, IP phones, and IP devices without the cost of additional cabling.

Great technology helps your business expand and prosper—and that includes your network.

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