Configuring RIT as a TCP/IP server

I have a TCP/IP client application on linux that initiates a socket connection and sends messages to a server application. I wish RIT (on Windows) to act as the server.
Therefore I’ve created a RIT project on the PC, added TCP Server transport and bound it to my PC’s IP address with a port number 41110.

I’ve then created a test case with a subscribe step (against the TCP Server), with the expectation that when I run this test case a TCP/IP listener would be started on my PC, listening against the port specified for an incoming client connection request.
However when run the test fails stating that it cannot get a client connection to the IP address/port specified (don’t have exact failure details with me currently – its also possible that PC McAfee firewall is getting in the way).
What I’d like to determine is whether the steps outlined cover the work required for this sort of connection or if there’s something missing and if anyone has any pointers or documentation covering this test scenario.


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