Datacap Desktop client/server connection error : Cannot connect to any of the specified servers.

Hi All,
I’m facing connection issues in a client/server 9.0.1 Datacap environment.

There are two machines(Taskmaster Server Windows Server 2008 and Taskmaster client windows 7)
In Server machine, I installed all the components of the Datacap Taskmaster.
In Client machine , I installed the clients.

The dc_ktf.xml has been exported in the server and copied in the Datacap Desktop folder of the client machine.

The datacap.xml path has been setup like \Datacapdatacap.xml. The list of application is displayed in the application manager of the client.

The port 2402 is open and firewall disabled.

Im using the out-of-the-box mircrosoft access database of TravelDocs.

The connection works when I try direclty on the server.

The datacap folders permissions has been setup as recommended in the IBM Documentation.

I enabled log on the desktop client, please find it below.

[Datacap Desktop Log][1]

Im getting the error : Cannot connect to any of the specified servers.

Thank you.



[1]: /answers/storage/temp/16200-log-desktop-datacap.txt


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