Enable bring-your-own-identity authentication

As people become more accustomed to online social network interactions,
they are starting to expect the social experience to be more integrated into
online access for their personal financial institutions, government, and other
enterprises. In the same way that users want to BYOD (bring your own device)
to the workplace instead of managing separate “work” and “personal” devices,
“identity fatigue,” (that is, having too many online identities to manage) has
created another trend — bring-your-own-identity (BYO-ID). BYO-ID solutions
provide users the ability to use one of their existing social media IDs to
access enterprise services. However, like BYOD, when BYO-ID solutions are
relied upon for securing access to enterprise services, they may lead to
security issues (availability, reliability, and trust) that need to be
considered. In this article, learn about a way to use open security
standards to simplify consumer identity lifecycle operations leveraging the
social network providers. The proposed implementation satisfies the end users’
desires for BYO-ID, while maintaining security compliance mandates by
leveraging IBM Security Systems products within the enterprise.


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