FileNet Creator unable to delete documents in FileNet

We migrated a list of documents from another repository to FileNet. In the default security we applied security only for filenet admin user and group and #CREATED-OWNERS have full access and basic access for , #AUTHENTICATED-USERS.

So whenever any user tried to access the migrated document using Virtual Folder tree we built for Content Navigator, he would be granted Creator permission. However, what we observed is even though the User has been assigned Creator permission, delete option in Content Navigator is disabled.

On checking the permissions in Content Navigator we found user has only Reader access and not Owner access. Even in acce for the document, the user has permission for only View and Modify but not delete. Whereas, as he is the Creator of the document he must have full access on it as per the permissions on Document Class level. Does anyone have any idea what could be the issue? Thanks in advance


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