How do you access the DCO used by Datacap Desktop through DotEditPanels?

We are trying to add a new subfield to a field in a pages DCO by clicking on a button on a custom DotEditPanel. I can see that there is an object class topDesk, with an instance of this class called dcDesk built into the DotEditPanel, in which there are various dco_ methods that line up with some of the DCO API methods. However, when I try to use dco_AddChild, giving it an xmlnode found by using dcDesk.dco_FindChild, it throws a standard XmlNode exception “The node to be inserted is from a different document context”.

My question is, does anyone have any documentation on the topDesk object, and what its methods expect as parameters/do in general? I have not been able to find anything, anywhere. Or, does anyone know how to access the DCO being used by DataCap Desktop? I am aware of how to use the methods in the DCO API to create a new DCO, but I’m unaware of how to link a DCO to the information being displayed by the DotEditPanel.


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