How to monitor and tune biphttplistener

We have a number of of Integration Servers running in our IIB prod environment (on RHEL 64-bit 6.7).

The applications in the Integration Servers accept MQ and Web Service requests. In front of the Integration Servers we have IHS and a Plugin. Every five minutes or so I see Web Service requests queuing up and timing out (this info is in the IHS access_log), the MPM stats for IHS indicates that there are sufficient IHS threads available to accept more calls (around 50 in ready state), the MPM stats also show that when the Web Service requests start queuing up there are around 50-70 threads in mod_was_ap22_http.c (normally there are 1-3 in mod_was_ap22_http.c).

From the Web GUI I can see that the “HTTP Nodes Use Embedded Listener” is set to false for each of the Integration Servers so I’m assuming that the biphttplistener is accepting all http requests from IHS/Plugin.

If the above assumption is correct how do we monitor the number of connections used by the biphttplistener? Also, how do I find out the max capacity of the biphttplistener?

The behaviour that I’m seeing would be explained by there being no more connections available for new connections.

Many thanks, Steve.


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