How to save a screenshot being generated using html2canvas, without having a button to trigger the download? The application is hosted on bluemix and the screenshot of the browser html page will be captured.

To put in simple terms our application generates hashcloud from periodic live feeds from twitter. Currently this is done using a combination of Python and JavaScript (client side) and the code is hosted on bluemix. We would like to capture this every periodic hashcloud output as an image file and upload (that is update) it to box folder through our code without manual intervention. For this purpose we have to first generate the image file from the hashcloud output and then move it to Box folder or possibly in permanent storage solution.
Since bluemix is a non persistent storage, we are not seeing a way to store this image file in bluemix app folders. Even if we cannot store in bluemix app folders, we at least need a way to create the file and upload to Box. But due to non persistent nature we are not able to do it on bluemix.

Given the scenario we would like to know if “File storage/ Object storage” service would be apt for us to use. But we see that it is a paid service and hence we are forced to upgrade our account. Would upgrading our account result in charges being levied on us? What are the monthly charges for this service for the Least possible storage space?


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