I have a question about ‘ParentIdentifier’ column in ObjectServer alerts.status table

Environment :

OMNIbus 8.1

WebGUI 8.1

I received an error in Web GUI Event Viewer saying

HEMDP0335W: No relationships shown for data sources(s) ‘NCOMS’ because one or more required relationship columns do not exist. Check that the relationship columns ‘Identifier’ and ‘ParentIdentifier’ exist in the data source(s).

I checked in ObjectServer and ‘ParentIdentifier’ is not available.

I looked at OMNIbus 8.1 admin guide here


It looks to me that ‘ParentIdentifier’ is added from OMNIbus 8.1 FP2. My OMNIbus is in FP7 but ‘ParentIdentifier’ is still not there.

What is happening ? How do I get ‘ParentIdentifier’ added into ObjectServer ?


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