IBM BPM migration 8.0.1 to 8.5.7 Questions

Hi All,

We are trying to upgrade 8.0.1 to 8.5.7 version (Proces server , oracle)
I need few suggestions. mentioned below we are using databases is this correct?

CellDB ->Using Existing database

Business Space-> Using Existing database

Messsaging DB ->Creating New Database

ProcessServer DB-> Using Existing database

DEScopeCMNDb-> Creating New Database

PerformanceDb-> Using Existing database

BPCDb-> Using Existing database

2. In properties file generated by source env (BPMConfig.bat -migrate) can I change the username for celladminAlias , SCA_Auth_Alias .

3. For ProcessCenterUserAlias_BPM alias I need to set user name of DeAdminAlias of Process Center ? so that this process server is online for process center?

4.When running BPMConfig.bat -migrate command in source environment it is asking as below

Choose the bus option for the target environment:
1. Single Bus
2. Multiple Buses
Input option number: 1

what we need to consider before choosing number of buses.?

Please suggest your valuable inputs.


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