Is it possible to create a clone environment for ILMT?

For many reasons, including the number of servers we track and the PVU counts we are responsible for, my facility manager is requiring the we setup a clone system for ILMT to which we can apply changes to first before applying them to the live environment. This would include ILMT upgrades as well as new catalogs and pvu tables.

The most critical part is that it must have a copy of the production data so that we can assess if a change we make changes our calculated PVU count in any way.

In all ways this clone would have to be separate from the production environment. It would be on separate hardware, with a separate database (with copied data), and not connected to any of the production BigFix servers or any way.

Is it possible to create a clone or duplicate environment for ILMT including a clone of the data?

We are running ILMT 9.2 on RedHat Linux with DB2.


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