Is it possible to set the EntryTemplateId as type ID through a workflow?

I am designing a FileNet 5.2.1. workflow. I would like to set the property id of EntryTemplateId in the Document Class. This is a ID property

In prior versions of FileNet (specifically 4.5), I could pass in a string containing the GUID and it would successfully insert this ID. It seemed to be able to implicitly cast from String to ID

Now, when I try this in 5.2.1, I get the following message, “The method invoked is inappropriate for the datatype of the property.
The property EntryTemplateId expects the datatype to be com.filenet.api.util.Id, but the input value is java.lang.String.”

To do this, I am using the CE_Operations setStringProperty function.

I also tried to attach an object containing the Entry template and pass the ID into the property and got the message
incompatible with com.filenet.api.core.EngineObject

More specifics:

I have a string representation of the ID in GUID format and I need to get FileNet to take this as an ID in the EntryTemplateID. FileNet seems to accept items that are of type OBJECT and I can update those properties with no issues. I am just having issues updating properties of type ID

In CE_Operations, I see a “SetObjectProperty” function but no “SetIDProperty”

In addition in the workflow, I was thinking of creating a workflow variable to store the ID but ID is not listed as a data type.

Is it possible to set the EntryTemplateId as type ID through a workflow?

Ultimately, my goal is to change the Entry Template for a document through workflow so that I can control the Entry Template used by users in Navigator. If there is another way of doing this through workflow, that would work for me

I am using Process Designer in Navigator to design these workflows and not the underlying API through JAVA or .NET, etc.


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